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1959 MGA 1500 Roadster Is Our Bring a Trailer Pick of the Day

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1959 MGA 1500 Roadster Is Our Bring a Trailer Pick of the Day

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• A remnant of an alternate time and similarly however alluring as it might have been in those days, this 1959 MGA 1500 roadster is available to be purchased on Bring a Trailer.

• The vehicle has a 72-hp 1.5-liter inline-four and a four-speed manual transmission, the two of which have been reconstructed.

• With four days left to go before the bartering’s end date of April 15, offering is at $16,000.

The MGA runs somewhere down in my family, and that is the reason this 1959 MGA 1500, at present available to be purchased on Bring a Trailer-which, similar to Car and Driver, is important for Hearst Autos-got my attention. A portion of my earliest recollections are riding in my father’s 1962 MGA Mark II, holding the shifter from where I sat in the front seat, with my father’s hand over mine changing gears that in some way generally appeared to hurt a bit. There were times we as a whole needed to stuff into the two seats with my mother holding my sister with my sibling and I stuffed in the footwell. The vehicle’s aluminum entryways were soo delicate that my father never needed anybody in any event, inclining in taking a gander at the inside near the entryway, out of dread that their knee could imprint the metal. Unquestionably not up to the principles of today, yet come on: the vehicle didn’t have safety belts yet doesn’t right up ’til the present time. How about we simply say it was an alternate time.

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