How to become a successful youtuber or youtube marketer


Youtube marketing :
Youtube is a video Sharing Platform Youtube was established on 14 February 2005 in california, Usa. The founder of youtube was Jawed Karim. Later on in 9 October 2006 googol buy Youtube from owner. The google buy YouTube at the cost of approximately 1.6 billion usa dollar. From 2006 youtube become officially product of google. At present time ceo of the youtube is sunsan wojcocki. Yearly revenue of youtube in 2019 was 19.7 billion doller. Which was the 11% of total google income. Youtube gives his creator a large portion of his total income. Around 60% of total profit give to the creator and 40% of revenue kept by the google. Google take money from the invester who are willing to promote his product through social marketing. Then googol promote the product through google advertisement. The revenue generate from this 60% of revenue give to the creator and 40% of revenue keep by google it self. Many pepole around this world are taking youtube seriously for earn his livehood, and youtube becoming main professional background for some person.

How to become a youtube marketer:
To become a successful youtube Marketer you must follow some steps which might be helpful for you.

Firstly you should creat your own channel for your business according to your speciality.
Then you must release what does your audience want. You must see those thing what people want to see. And you must target which age group, which Region, which type or people you wants to target
You can’t be become role the sea before knowing the depth of the sea. So first you need to know the computation you your target market. How many big player are infront you. You must do batter from them to success in this filed.
Never stop learning, because whenever you stop learning someone will go far ahead from you. So always try to learn good thing from other, it good be very much benefited for your future. Find out a channel which has the speciality and experience in your niche. Learn from him and apply it improve your skill.
The next thing that’s come, that is optimization of your video. Without optimization properly your video will not go to massive audience. So the chances to be grow is less in that case. So you must optimize your video that could be probably increase the number of view in your video and help you to reach widely
Next thing would be easier. Upload your video on youtube. Make a time schedule to upload your video. By schedule uploading video your audience or viewer will easily reach you. And immediately after uploading video if your video response well youtube promote your video far batter.
How to creat an youtube account:
Youtube channel is two type one is for personal and other one is for business. But the main point is creating a youtube channel is completely free. You just need a gmail account, network Connection and a browser. The process to creat a youtube channel :

Enter into your browser
Sign in into youtube. You can use mobile or computer for browsing.
Then click on the creat channel.
Give your personal details and select profile picture for your channel
Chack you all given details and confirm to click on the creat Channel.
Select a topic that you make video according to your speciality, and try to give video according to your topic so that your audience keep touch with you.
Write tag, description and other important setting.
Once you complete all the step try tho give at least on video daily and be regular. You should make quality video that makes easier to engage with your audience.
Once you complete 4000 hour watch time and 1000 subscriber then apply for youtube partner program.
Once you are eligible for youtube partner program you start making money from your video and the opportunity will open for you to contract with company for their product promotion.
You start your carrier as a YouTube Marketer
What is function of youtube marketer:
Youtube marketer basically work for their client or for him self for promoting their product and business on youtube which may be paid or unpaid. They upload their video of a company on their channel or through google ads. Which help this Company and person to see his ads to his target population. A YouTube marketer charge for his service from the client or if he do it for himself them his product sell increase markedly

Advantage of youtube marketing:
Not only your youtube audience but youtube is also the 2nd largest platform of social media with the active user of 2.6 billion. So for your product Promotion or for any company promotion youtube can be the best media. But first of all you need to learn how to utilize YouTube. The most profitable thing in youtube marketing and that is, you can reach new everyday to new audience, youtube will help you expose in huge audience and from there you might complete your desire target. In youtube marketing it is comparatively in low cost you can promote your product or company promotion and can acquire quality and quantity traffic.

Opportunity for youtube markter:
There are Several company who want their product promotion. And for the search of promotion their best choose become social marketing Promotion. Because social marketing Promotion cost very low and can be speared world wide. They can target their desire audience or customer. Average youtube charger for each business ads view around 0.11$ to 0.29$. Youtube is a great platform for social marketing infect each company are transferring their brand promotion in youtube. Youtube saves a lot or money of a company who are spending it to brand Promotion. They get quality traffic, Several chance for expending their company. So the job market for youtube marketer is increasing day by day. People are shifting to online world. So it could be a chance for you to enter in the field of youtube marketing.

The world become Digital. So the away of business are changing. Modern world need fast, effective, less money consumption way to fast track his business. Every company are shifting their business promotion to social media. People are more likely shifting to either facebook marketing or youtube marketing or gmail marketing or affilate marketing. But youtube marketing can a batter option.Beacuse the traffic or audience comes from the youtube are primimum type. Audience can be specifically targeted on the according to the product. So in future there is large opportunity for youtube marketer.

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